Meet the Team

If you would prefer a face to face appointment then feel free to make an appointment to come into our offices. We can easily arrange phone or personal meetings nationwide but predominantly service the M4 corridor including Bath, Bristol, Newbury, Reading, Ascot, Sunningdale, Surrey and London / The City areas.

Alastair McKee :

Alastair McKee

Kevin Brown :

Kevin Brown

Miles Robinson :

Miles Robinson

Katie Pisanu :

Katie Pisanu

Darren Walker :

Darren Walker

Deirdre Lee :

Deirdre Lee

Matthew Playle :

Matthew Playle

Kelly Brunt :

Kelly Brunt

Callum Lipscombe :

Callum Lipscombe

Ken Gould :

Ken Gould

Christiaan Coolen :

Christiaan Coolen

Roy Sanders :

Roy Sanders

Ayron Waller :

Ayron Waller

James Dawes :

James Dawes

Stephen Pickering :

Stephen Pickering

Thomas Whiting :

Thomas Whiting

Brad Davenport-Mills :

Brad Davenport-Mills

Cameron Naylor :

Cameron Naylor

Ed Hinton :

Ed Hinton

Thomas Drew :

Thomas Drew

Neil Dunn :

Neil Dunn

Crystal Walton :

Crystal Walton

Sophie Wiltshire :

Sophie Wiltshire

Katie Hoyle :

Katie Hoyle

Kim Sharpe :

Kim Sharpe

Vicki O’Brien :

Vicki O’Brien

This could be you! :

This could be you!