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Need a larger mortgage as a Company Director?

July 29, 2019

Call our Company Director/Limited Company mortgage specialists on 01249 474954 As a company director, we are aware that getting a mortgage is harder for you than it is for those applicants in standard employment. Sadly, a lot of mainstream lenders simply … Continue reading

What is a First Time Buyer mortgage?

July 23, 2019

For First Time Buyers there are a specific range of products on the market directly aimed at those taking their first steps on the property ladder. First time buyer mortgages are products specifically for those looking to buy their first … Continue reading

Are you looking for a second mortgage?

July 15, 2019

There may be occasions when your circumstances dictate that you may need a second mortgage in addition to the one on your primary residence. Second mortgages are used for a number of reasons: Buying a holiday home – perhaps you … Continue reading

Remortgaging as a Self-Employed individual

July 8, 2019

Year on year the number of people registering as self-employed continues to rise. There are now 4.8 million individuals were registered as self-employed – accounting for 15% of the entire UK work force. In contrast to the many benefits that … Continue reading

Looking for expert Remortgage advice?

July 5, 2019

Every year or two there are a few things we always remember to do to help us get the best value for money; renewing our mobile phone contract, our home and car insurance policies, amongst many others. Strangely, more often … Continue reading

Should I use a Mortgage Broker?

June 26, 2019

A question invariably asked is; ‘Why should I use a Mortgage Broker?’ We are often contacted by clients who have invariably either been let down by their traditional high street lender or have been offered an ‘off the shelf’ product … Continue reading

Could you be paying too much on your mortgage?

June 17, 2019

Recent data releases* have shown that mortgage borrowers are unnecessarily paying in the region of a staggering £15.4bn of interest annually by remaining of their lenders SVR (Standard Variable Rate) rather than switching to more competitive remortgage rates and products. … Continue reading