Buy to Let Mortgages

Looking for that Buy to Let? Or are you an existing Buy to Let customer of a high street bank and wanting to switch to a new deal or borrow more. At One 77 we have a range of Buy to Let offers from the entire UK mortgage market.

A quick overview of some of the Buy to Let mortgages we can offer:

  • Long term investment – expanding your rental property portfolio or finding that first property to rent out could be a worthwhile long term investment, however it is not risk free.
  • Help to take the next steps – before you take the next steps, we will always talk to you about the Buy to Let mortgages we can offer and make sure you have all the information to get started.
  • Mortgage deals to suit your needs – we only offer mortgage deals which are self-financing, meaning the income you generate from the property has to cover the mortgage repayments.
  • Keep in mind the costs and charges – it’s wise to make sure your rental income also covers any insurance costs and general repairs for the upkeep of the property now and in the future.

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