Christmas Is Coming… Along With It’s Deadline - August 21, 2018

1148846_d9fe9a13National online property portal, Rightmove, have stated this week that homeowers looking to move into their new properties by the Christmas deadline need to act now in order to make this happen.

With the average time from a sale being agreed to actually moving in being around 13 weeks – and only 18 weeks until Christmas – prosepctive buyers should not only be active in marketing their properties but also ensure they have their finances in place to ensure a swift transaction.

Whilst it is also estimated by Rightmove that finding a buyer when ‘new to the market’ can also potentially add an additional 8 weeks to the process, however the number of new properties on the market has risen by over 2% over the last month meaning buyers have a greater degree of choice when finding a new home. The good news for buyers however, is that as the end of year deadline draws closer, market-wide sellers have dropped their prices by over 2% in order to secure sales and completions by the end of the year.

Market analysts have stated that sellers who come to market in the peak holiday month generally need to price down in order to attract a market place more often than not focussed on holidays as opposed to properties.

It has also been advised that property sellers who are pricing lower in order to hit the Christmas deadline ensure that their buyers have the required financial preparation in place – with the lack of confirmed financial products in place adding weeks to a sale.

Having you mortgage in place is imperative to getting in your new property in time for the festive season – whether it is a Decision in Principle allowing you to move quickly when you find a property, or a confirmed product specific to a property you have already seen, we can help you on getting the crackers on the table in your new home.

Call one of our dedicated advisers today on 01249 474952 to start your application, or let us know when is good to call you.

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