It’s Coming Home (Though Sadly Not To Wiltshire) - June 29, 2018

1We were thrilled to be treading the hallowed ground of Wembley itself with our football boots this week.

Well, not quite the Stadium, but we were in it’s shadow as we rustled up the finest examples of physical fitness Chippenham possesses to take part in the Octane Capital Cup.

The sun shone as we headed east, fired up for what was to no doubt be a fantastic display of footballing prowess.

During the group stages we played against Positive Lending, First Financial, Prolific Mortgage Finance and First 4 Bridging.

4In the first game we sadly lost 4-1 (although were controversially awarded a penalty against us at 1-1 when the opposition team hit the side netting – a penalty was “fair” according to the referee, even if the teams disagreed if it went in or not! We, obviously, do not think it did…. Robbed!

The second game we lost 2-1 in a very close game… Robbed!

Our third game we heroically beat First 4 Bridging 4-3 in a thriller with four different goal scorers for One 77. Perfection. Well deserved!

We then lost a hard fought forth game in the dying moments. Final score 1-0. Robbed!

2This left us 4th out of 5 in our table which took us into the Plate playoffs where we came up against SPF for the “bridging” derby headed up by our Head of Specialist Finance, Craig Taylor. Sadly, (is this sounding familiar?) we were tossed aside like Brazil against Germany in 2014 in a 6-1 drubbing. Pundits verdict – Robbed! However, they did go on to win the Plate.

Regardless of the outcome, it’s the taking part that counts… right?

In all a great day was had and it was awesome to be playing next door to Wembley Stadium itself.

Bring on next year!