Mortgage Fact Find

In order to act as a broker for your mortgage, we will need a picture of where you stand financially. Assessing your incomings and outgoings, amongst a number of additional factors, is part of this process – which we refer to as a ‘Fact Find’. This is the process by which we gather information so that we are in a position to make a recommendation to you.

Benefits of completing an Initial Online Fact Find

  • By giving us your basic information will mean our follow-up fact find on the phone will be shorter and more concise
  • By giving us an idea of how much you are looking to borrow, and by what terms, will allow us to have an initial idea of offerings prior to us speaking
  • You can complete the information in your own time
  • You can dictate the day and time you would like us to follow up with you – your dedicated adviser will send you a calendar reminder/invitation, introducing themselves prior to speaking
  • You get the speed of turnaround YOU desire at a timescale that suits YOU