Four Out Of Ten Landlords Looking To Increase Their Portfolio In 2019 - April 2, 2019

A recent survey of over 500 buy-to-let landlords undertaken by property investment specialists Experience Invest has revealed that 40% of landlords are planning to grow their investment portfolios in the coming year. This is encouraging news for the buy-to-let market, especially in light of the same survey revealing that only 11% are looking at reducing theirs.

When asked to rank the top cities that landlords are looking to make their investment in, the most popular on the list came out as:

London – 35%
Manchester – 33%
Liverpool – 25%
Nottingham – 15%
Bristol – 14%

Of the properties that landlords are looking to invest in houses made up the lion’s share with flats coming in second, whilst commercial and semi-commercial properties made up 34% and 21% respectively.

The results of the survey come as welcome news in a market that has been clouded by misconception around landlords’ apprehensiveness to invest in properties following tighter tax regulations introduced last year and the ongoing uncertainties surrounding Brexit – showing that investment in real estate is still as attractive as ever.

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