Homeowners Losing Out On Hundreds Of Pounds A Month - July 4, 2018

mortgage01-lgA recent report has claimed that homeowners could save around £300 every month by simply switching their mortgage to a better deal. However, the research, done in collaboration with the information sharing forum Mumsnet, showed that perceptions around the mortgage market’s complexity may be why at least half of those surveyed did not make moves to review and change their current product.

Though it is often thought that changing other core services, such as energy, telecommunications and broadband providers are generally the main cost savers for homeowners, many it seems are still intentionally overlooking their mortgage.

In addition nearly all those surveyed said that contractual language should be simplified, calling on the Government to act on providers to make their dialogue more user-friendly and easy to understand.

Therefore there is no better time to review your mortgage and look at a switch of products. At One77, as specialists in remortgages, we always ensure that every customer understands the full details of their product and are confident we can help you find a better deal. Free of jargon, free of fuss, and most importantly – free of fees.

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