Keeping Control of the Process - February 22, 2018

Using one quality mortgage broker helps you keep control of your business and the buying process. We look after many developer relationships, and the ones with the lowest turnaround times and issues are invariably those that limit themselves to a panel of competent solicitors and one mortgage company.

Key Considerations

  • keys in handWhen choosing your mortgage partner you should make sure they do not operate from a limited panel of lenders – as this either reduces the chances of finding your buyers a mortgage or means they may not get the most suitable or affordable product on the market. Where we we have been a back up supplier to a broker working from a limited panel, we have placed nearly all case passed over to us – equating to nearly 20% of the developers overall buyers.
  • Specialist knowledge from your broker is key when it comes to new build, buy to let and other non-standard issues that regularly arise. As well as working with nearly 200 lenders, we have specialist knowledge in all areas of mortgage advice, which once again maximises our chances of helping you gain reservations on your properties.
  • You need a broker that does not charge a fee, as the broker earns a commission at the back-end of the process and should not be earning twice for the service they provide.
  • You need a partner that can provide you with regular feedback to make sure you are kept up to date with where your buyers are in the process. This also helps you keep control of the process by having one point of contact for mortgages, ensuring speed of turnaround for a quick exchange and also enables you to plan better for the next phases of your developments.
  • Site offices can open late in the evenings and almost certainly at weekends, meaning that without evening and weekend availablity to your broker, reservations will generally have to wait. We open late evenings and weekends to enable buyers to reserve there and then – whilst in the site office, maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.
  • Customer service is extrememly important and when you hand your clients over to a third party you will need the peace of mind that they will be looked after. One 77 have an award winning service for many areas of their expertise, in addition to a 5 star rating on Review Centre.
  • Knowledge of the introducer market and developer process makes a big difference. At One 77 we work with numerous developers, complimenting their service due to our understanding and knowledge of their industry.
  • Training of all staff in the site office is a key requirement. Site staff need to understand the value of having one dedicated mortgage broker that provides the same process and level of support to all of their buyers. Due to our extensive opening hours, advisers at One 77 can go through the qualification process to enable buyers to reserve their property right away.

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