How Do You Like To Communicate With Your Mortgage Adviser? - September 14, 2018

1In a recent poll by the industry news source, Mortgage Solutions, around half of the mortgage brokers surveyed said that their clients prefer being communicated with via email, with only around a quarter preferring the traditional face-to-face meeting or telephone call.

Surprisingly, only 3% opted for other methods such as by social media channels and text messaging, showing that depsite the rise and increasing popularity of social media and mobile applications that when it comes to major financial decisions and process most clients still prefer a more personalised process – certainly upon initial enquiry, or at an early stage.

Full Results

Email    46.7%

Face-to-face    24.8%

Phone    23.8%

Text/WhatsApp    2%

Social media    1%

At One 77, we pride ourselves on our speed of service and nationwide reach, and as such to accomplish both of these objectives we are telephone based – we find that to build a personal rapport with a dedicated adviser helps to build up a trustworthy relationship that is difficult to achieve by channels such as email or social media.

However, it’s not what we think that works best. What works best for YOU – the client? How do you like to be communicated with? Let us know your thoughts.

How do you like to communicate with your Mortgage Adviser?