Long Term Bridging Loan to Release Funds from Investment Portfolio - May 7, 2019

Area: Brighton

Loan amount: £940k

We were contacted by a long time client who was looking to release a substantial amount of funds from one of the investment portfolio properties. The client was very asset rich – owning a number of investment properties across the south east and outer London area – however, they did not have immediate and ready access to cash. As they did not wish to sell any of their portfolio to release funds, they contacted us our Specialist Lending department The client needed to release funds from one of their investment properties. They were very asset rich but cash poor, however they did not wish to sell off any of their houses.

Having assessed the client’s situation we were able to arrange a 5 year rolled up bridging loan against one of their buy to let properties in London, this meant they could release £940k from the property to live on and make no monthly payments. The client can then market the property after this period or look to refinance.

Are you in a similar situation? Are you a portfolio holder looking to release funds? Or are you simply struggling with getting your property finance to work for you?

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