Looking for expert Remortgage advice? - July 5, 2019

Every year or two there are a few things we always remember to do to help us get the best value for money; renewing our mobile phone contract, our home and car insurance policies, amongst many others. Strangely, more often than not, our largest monthly expenditure – our mortgage – can often get overlooked. This is where you need to source quality remortgage advice.

It is not uncommon that when a customer secures a fixed term deal on their mortgage that the term can end without them maybe realising that they could have fallen onto a SVR (Standard Variable Rate). Should this happen it is generally the case that homeowners will pay more on your monthly repayments – and in turn on their gross mortgage amount overall.

In 2018 it was discovered that inexcess of 1 million homeowners in the UK were overpaying on their mortgage having fallen into the SVR trap. Nationwide, this accounted for £2.78 billion being made in unnecessary interest payments. Because of this, we strongly urge our new customers to always check their current mortgage deal to ensure they are getting as good a rate as possible. Many times we can source a better deal for our customers looking to remortgage, sometimes even from their present lender.

When you become a One 77 customer you will deal with the same Adviser each and every time you contact us. We will look after your account with the utmost care and will make a point of contacting you prior to your deal ending to, again, help you find the best deal we can, so you do not need to worry. We have it all in hand.

We also can help with remortgaging your property for different purposes. One client who had a current mortgage deal with a high street lender that was coming to an end within a month, contacted us as they had recently begun letting the property to a young family – having moved in with their partner. They therefore required the remortgage to transfer from residential to buy-to-let. Following a fact find of the client’s circumstances we submitted an application for a buy-to-let remortgage with an alternative lender within 24 hours. The case was offered a week later and the new lenders instructed free solicitors on the client’s behalf.

With our negotiation the existing lender agreed to waive any early repayment charges and the mortgage is set for completion in the next few days. Initial enquiry to completion in just 13 working days.

Another client who we helped find a better deal by remortgaging to a more attractive term:

“Used One 77 when bought my house in 2015. Coming round to remortgage time they got in touch with me to run through my options. As before, the team are really helpful, efficient and make the whole process really easy to go through – there is minimum fuss, they make it totally clear about what you need to do and don’t put any pressure on you to decide on one particular product. Can only say thanks for all your help again and would definitely recommend them to anyone else looking for a mortgage, or to remortgage.”

Are you looking to remortgage your property? One 77 are experts in remortgage products.Whatever your requirements call us today on 01249 474952, or use the form below and we will be in touch.

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