Mortgages For Dentists And Dental Professionals

dentists.fwAt One 77 we specialise in commercial mortgages for Dentists and Dental Practitioners. Many professionals experience that finding a mortgage that takes into account their individual, and sometimes complex, situation cannot always be a completely straightforward process – and dentists are no different.

We appreciate how time consuming running a practice can be, therefore as we are experts in the field, we aim to make the whole process as smooth and hassle free as possible when arranging your mortgage. We have access to the whole UK mortgage market as well as to many specialist lenders and products unavailable on the high street.

Whether you are a:

Established Dental Practitioner looking to buy their own practice – One 77 are specialists in arranging Commercial Mortgages for many professionals. Our Specialist Lending Department, who can assist whether you’re buying in a personal name or through a limited company and will work with you to find a mortgage that best suits your needs.

Locum Dentist – You are generally considered self-employed and this in itself can cause issues with a standard mortgage application. Due to the nature of locum work and your obligations to undertake period of training it is often seen by lenders as a period of non-employment. However, we have access to lenders who understand this and take this into consideration.

Partner in Practice – Joining an established Practice as a Partner, many mortgage lenders will now consider you to be self-employed, meaning you may not be unable to get a mortgage from a high street lender for around 2 years. Again, we understand these issues and will work to find you a product based on your unique and individual circumstances.

As a dental professional, it can be difficult to find time for face to face meetings with a mortgage broker. At One 77 we are completely telephone based and as we are open 7 days a week you can contact us a time that suits you. However, should you wish to arrange a face to face meeting, we can accommodate this too.

Our aim is to make your search for a mortgage or commercial finance as hassle free as possible. In addition we never charge a fee for our services for the lifetime of your relationship with us.

To discuss your mortgage and specialist finance needs as a dentist, please call our Specialist Lending Department on 01249 474956 or complete the contact form below and we will be in touch.