Are You Paying Too Much On Your Mortgage? - October 1, 2018

thinkerIn a survey undertaken last year it was estimated that over 1 million homeowners in the UK are overpaying on their mortgage every month. The shocking cause of this seems to be from simply being on the wrong mortgage deal – and has resulted in a staggering £2.78 billion being paid in unnecessary interest nationwide.

It has become a common occurrence for many homeowners who had initially signed up for a fixed term deal of 2 – 5 years to have fallen onto their lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR) having not acted on the termination of the fixed term deal. At One 77 we strongly advise that consumers are prudent when it comes to checking your mortgage terms to ensure that you do not fall into the SVR trap. There could well be a good chance that if you have then your monthly payments will be higher than they could potentially be by securing a better rate by remortgaging.

The easiest way to make sure you are not paying too much and to have secure peace of mind is to review your current mortgage product with an expert One 77 adviser. Our advice is completely fee free and as we can search the majority of the mortgage market, we can often beat many deals you will find on the high street – even potentially from your own bank or existing lender.

In addition, once you have remortgaged, we will make sure that you are kept informed in plenty of time before the product terms expire again, so there is no need to worry. Like all things with One 77 Mortgages… it really is that easy.

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