Remortgage for a Buy-to-Let investment in Salisbury - May 8, 2019

We were recently contacted by our client who had their current mortgage deal arranged by a high street lender. The deal was a standard residential mortgage for a property which they had owned and lived at in Salisbury. However, having recently moved in with her partner, and with the present deal coming to a close, it was now time for her to remortgage and transfer the product from a standard residential mortgage to a buy-to-let; being as she decided to keep the house as an investment for the future.


Being as the situation was of an urgent nature and speed of turnaround was of the essence, she was recommended to One 77 from a friend who we had worked with recently who we were also able to assist where their high street lender could not.

Working with our dedicated remortgage team we completed a fact find of the her individual circumstances and were then able to submit an application for a buy-to-let remortgage with an alternative lender within 24 hours of her first contact with us.

The case was offered a week later, and in addition the new lenders instructed free solicitors on the client’s behalf.

Due to our close relationship with our lenders the existing lender agreed to waive any early repayment charges and the mortgage was completed just a few days later. Initial enquiry to completion was just 13 working days.

Are you in a similar position where the status of your mortgage may have changed? Are you looking to remortgage your property? Or are you looking for a buy-to-let mortgage? Whatever your requirements, do not hesitate to give our team of specialists a call on 01249 474952 or use the contact form below to get in touch.