We Don’t Employ Opera Singers… Or Meerkats - July 24, 2018

meerkat-africa-animal-wild-68177Since the dawn of the internet, its reliance to ease our every day lives has increased beyond all comprehension. Generally, whenever we wish to know anything, read something, listen to music, find directions or make a purchase – the internet, our computers and hand held devices are the first avenue we explore. However, as with any major life decision – and let us be honest, deciding to invest in a property worth tens upon tens of thousands of pounds to be repaid over many, many years is a fairly big life decision – we generally find ourselves seeking the recommendation, advice and experience of an expert in their field.

Over the last 10 years financial comparison sites have skyrocketed in their success, with ever more clever marketing tactics serving up brainworms that are hard to shake off, from portly opera singers to families of speaking meerkats – all with their very own cuddly toy incentives for using their websites. Whilst these ‘free’ gifts for your custom may seem like a nice, fun diversion to the sometimes tedious process of applying for any financial product, it really is worth asking yourself how you will feel in 6 or 7 years time, once the cuddly toy has been sold off at the car boot sale and the free pizzas vouchers have all been used?

It is for this reason (amongst many others) that the role of a skilled, knowledgable mortgage and protection adviser comes into their own.

When you make contact with One 77 you will be assigned a dedicated adviser who will guide you throughout the whole mortgage application process, checking in with you regularly to ensure that everything is going at a speed and level of satisafaction that you are happy with.

Unlike many of the comparison sites (and our other competitors), One 77 have access to the entire UK mortgage market and also have access to many specialist products and rates not available on the high street – or the internet for that matter. When you call us we take your personal circumstances into account first and then tailor our selection of mortgage products based on where you are now, and where we both envisage you will be in the future. Everything is explained in plain, simple langauge and we keep a record of all of our communications so you are protected and covered from the very first call. We can also look after your protection needs should you ever become ill and unable to pay your mortgage. Our protection advice is just like our mortgage advice – with recommendations and cover arranged built around you, and never simply what is the closest fit.

Once you make contact with us and have your adviser working for you, you can call them anytime to check on the progress of your application or to have them answer any queries for you. You will have their direct telephone number and email address. No call centres, no endless menu systems, no holding for 20 minutes. Straight through to your adviser, first time.

One 77 will also never charge you a fee for our services. In a recent YouGov survey it was revealed that though the majority of those surveyed thought they would be paying in the area of around 5-10% commission when using a comparison website, the true figure was in fact in excess of 20% on average. That’s £650m in commission paid by the consumer to comparison sites in the last year alone.

Of course, we are all busy people and we understand the convenience of the internet. To this end we have created our very own Initial Mortgage Fact Find where you can start your application from the comfort of your own home – day or night. The fact find is the basis of the application process and by starting with our online fact find not only gives us a good starting point to undertake some preliminary product research prior to speaking with you, it will also make the application process shorter.

In addition, for those of you looking to browse mortgages and get a small flavour of what is out there, then have a look at our Mortgage Finder. If you see a product here that you like then again, you are a few small clicks away from starting your application.

So, though we can certainly say that though we will never offer you a cuddly toy, we can guarantee that we will offer you expert financial advice based on the market place at that very moment. Advice that takes your very unique personal situation into account first and foremost. As someone once said… Simples!


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