Why Don’t I Just Use My Bank? - August 30, 2018

Bank vs Broker

Why Use A Broker?

Whilst we all use a high street bank for our everyday finance requirements, it is not uncommon to ask; ‘Why use a mortgage broker over my bank’s own mortgage services?’

Let’s take a look at some of the main points.

Opening times and ease of access

With more and more banks closing their high street branches – an estimated 762 during 2017 – the average wait time for an appointment to see a bank based mortgage adviser is now 3 weeks. Many brokers, such as One 77, are open 7 days a week, so you can rest assured that there is always someone on hand to take your call, queries and provide advice. We can take you through the complete fact finding process there and then – at the time you chose. From this point forwards we can continue your mortgage application process. Whilst it is on average the aforementioned 3 week waiting time to see an adviser at your bank, we can generally have your mortgage completed during this time.

We give you a personal recommendation every time

Though both ourselves and the banks can provide you with advice around your mortgage, only a broker can provide you with a bespoke product recommendation from a multitude of lenders that is based completely on your personal circumstances, as opposed to only offering you the limited number of ‘off the shelf’ products the high street lenders have at their disposal. At One 77, your circumstances come first, and we will discuss these with you prior to offering you any product.

One of the widest ranges of products available

One 77 are one of a small, select group of brokers that have access to the whole of the mortgage market. This gives you a much wider range of products. As opposed to a few, we can choose from literally thousands of products. In addition we have access to many specialist products – even potentially from your own bank – that are not available on the high street.


Unlike many of our competitors, One 77 are completely fee free for the lifetime of your relationship with us. Give us a try – what have you got to lose?

To discuss your mortgage  and protection requirements today us today on 01249 474952, or book a call at a time to suit you below.